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Innovate or Die! The Choice is Yours……


I see some big changes in the very near future. I see some well known high street names just disappearing because they have simply offered more of the same rather than being innovative in how they do business and treat their customers.

If we look back a few years; in the 1980s we had 16bit computing; the 1990s 32bit and the advent of the WWW; the 2000s 64bit computing and the beginning of the Semantic Web; the 20‑Teens will see 128bit computing – power that is beyond our wildest dreams. Notice also that computers are no longer looking like computers – they are becoming incorporated in everyday items.

New IP Networks will give us simple, seamless, effortless and ubiquitous connection to all things at all times. Voice, Vision and Data will cease being three things on three networks and just become one thing on the one network. Broadband (soon to be 25 or even 200MB/s) will provide connection to the home and small business – giving them the same “visibility” that larger commerce has had for many years.

In the future it is essential that you have a Presence on the network and that you can easily collaborate with others within and outside your organisation. Imaging “meeting” people in 3-D environments as simply as you used to make a phone call. In this mode of working you can be Innovative – and innovation does not happen over-night , it takes a lot of hard work and time.

I see IT being everywhere; in your clothing, cars, and electronic gadgets. These devices will allow you to change the way you work, play and socialise – in fact “work” and “play” might not be two different things in the future.

The introduction of widespread use of RFID in the IPv6 world will mean that things also have Presence and Location within the networks. Things will start talking to Things rather than just people talking to people. Working from anywhere becomes a reality. Work allocation will be done automatically as the system knows people’s locations and skill sets. Tracking items becomes a “background” event, and ensuring that inventories are always fulfilled is a simple system task.

And maybe the biggest challenge facing the future is the end of fossil fuel abundance. The cost of petrol is likely – by 2016 – to be so high you will question if you can afford to travel. New power sources and battery techniques will be needed to allow our mobile devices to work and free us from the need to travel, allowing us to journey over the network.

It is essential that you see your customer as an individual – who you address as the most important member of a group of One! Gone are the days when you could wait for your customer to find you. Now if you are not readily visible 24 hours a day – I will simply go to someone who is. And all the effort I will expend is a single mouse click!

Technology is changing very fast indeed – Are you changing as fast as the Technology? There will be winners and losers – the challenge is to be one of the winners!

Are YOU ready for the Challenge?

The Future will be Different

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