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These are a few of the papers, reports and ideas on the Technology of the Future.  Some of these are now quite old now, having been written in the early 1990s! However ones like:-

Things are Changing! was written in 1992 and shows the first time  a “desk computer” was mentioned with controls that were gesture rather than keyboard and mouse generated!   Here are some others:-

Thoughts on Technology

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A Glance at the Future

Handbook of Call Centres

A Guide to ICT

Hartley Lecture

Artificial Intelligence

If only I could see a picture

Artificial Intelligent Agents 1

Info on tap in the High Street

Artificial Intelligent Agents  2

Information Everywhere

Artificial Intelligent Agents  3

Internet and Property Building


IP Home of the Future

Bank of the Future

Is Technology always good for Us?


It could only happen in a Call Centre

Caring Society

IT is NOT an Age Thing

Complex Systems

Just Imagine

Data Bases

Just Look How Things have Changed

Digital Home of the Future

New technology, New Society


Security Matters

e-shopping needs help

Telecoms for the 21st Century

Full Steam Ahead

The Class of 2050

Future of e-business

Virtual Teams